TAC Agendas 2009

Gold Coast Transit's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is made up of a staff member from each of GCT's five member jurisdictions and are appointed by the City Managers and the County of Ventura Public Works Director.  The Ventura County Transportation Commission Executive Director designates staff to serve in ex-officio capacity for the purpose of providing information on state and federal funding requirements and options, transportation and transit planning, and other issues.  GCT Planning staff provides staff assistance to the TAC. The Committee’s mission is to provide advisory assistance and recommendations to the GCT Board and staff on technical and policy issues affecting the interests of member jurisdictions, and to serve as a communication liaison among jurisdictions and GCT.

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TAC Meeting Agendas 2009 Approved Meeting Summaries 2009

 February 18, 2009

Approved Meeting Summary

 March 18, 2009

 April 15, 2009

 May 12, 2009

Special Meeting Summary 

 May 20, 2009

Approved Meeting Summary

 June 17, 2009

Approved Meeting Summary

 July 15, 2009

 Approved Meeting Summary

 September 16, 2009

 Approved Meeting Summary
 October 21, 2009

 Approved Meeting Summary 

 November 18, 2009

 Approved Meeting Summary

 December 16, 2009

 Approved Meeting Summary

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