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Please find answers to frequently asked questions about ACCESS paratransit services below. If you still have additional questions, please contact us.

When will I be picked up?

The GCT ACCESS scheduler will give you a pick-up time range when a vehicle will arrive. It will not be a specific time but rather a 20-minute window, which is 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after the pick-up time. For example, if your pick-up time is 9:00a.m. the vehicle should arrive between 8:50a.m. and 9:10a.m.

If the vehicle does not arrive within your pick-up window, call GCT ACCESS at 805-485-2319 and press 2 to check the status of your ride.

How should I determine my return pick-up time?

Use your best judgment to estimate your return trip pick-up time. We understand that the length of appointments are hard to predict. If you are at your destination and find that you are available for pick-up earlier than the scheduled time, or if you know you will need more time, please call GCT ACCESS.

TIP: When scheduling your appointment with your service provider (doctor, dentist, hair dresser, etc.) let the provider know you will be using a shared ride service. Tell him or her that you will be dropped off and need to advise the bus reservations what time you will be ready for a pick-up. Ask how long you should plan to be at this appointment. Based on the information the service provider gives you, you should be able to schedule a return pick-up time.

Who do I call to make trip schedule changes?

You may not have the same driver for pick up and drop off. All changes must be made through the GCT ACCESS scheduler.

What about my personal care attendant (PCA)?

ADA-Certified passengers who travel with a PCA must be picked up and dropped off together.

Can I bring a guest?

Passengers who wish to travel with a guest(s) must be picked up and dropped off together. Guest fare is equal to ADA/Senior fare.

Why am I given a 20-minute window instead of an exact time for my pick up?

We take reservations all day. After the time you book your ride, other passengers are calling and requesting service as well. Being able to work with a window of time gives ACCESS staff the opportunity to provide service to several people traveling in the same direction at about the same time. Traffic, and sometimes even weather, will also affect ACCESS arrival times.

Should I use ACCESS or Fixed Route Service?

Gold Coast Transit provides origin-destination service as well as Fixed Route Service, serving the cities of Ventura, Ojai and Oxnard. To determine which service is best for you, click here to review the ACCESS eligibility guidelines.

How long can I expect my trip to be on GO ACCESS?

Your trip may be as long as the trip would take you to complete using fixed route services. To figure out what the maximum amount of time your particular trip might be, please enter the addresses in Google Trip Planner. Please make sure to have the time of day be the same as when you would travel, and indicate if you should need to arrive by or leave by a specific time.

I need someone to travel with me and stay with me at all times.

GO ACCESS does not provide companion services. We do, however, allow personal care attendants to travel with the passenger at no additional charge. If you believe you need companion services, please call 1-888-667-7001 to begin the ADA certification process. 

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