July 23, 2008


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Gold Coast Transit Announces Record Ridership for June

Ventura County residents are riding the bus in record numbers as gasoline prices hit historic highs during June.  Gold Coast Transit announced today that ridership for the month of June, 2008 increased by 15% over June, 2007. 

In June, 330,143 people stepped aboard a Gold Coast Transit bus, shattering the previous monthly record of 313,578 riders set in April of this year.  “This ridership gain for us in Western Ventura County mirrors what transit agencies across the country are experiencing,” said Deborah Linehan, General Manager for GCT.  “With nearly 13,000 people boarding every weekday in the cities of Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Ventura and the unincorporated County areas surrounding those cities, Gold Coast Transit is providing a desirable option to the those affected by the skyrocketing price of gasoline.“ 

Transit ridership in June normally drops off from the rest of the year as students are out of school and families take vacations.  “The current economic situation and the high cost of gas has thrown conventional thinking about ridership trends and forecasts out the window”, noted Linehan.  Transit officials around the country are seeing similar trends.

Ms. Linehan also said that since GCT buses run exclusively on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), fuel costs have been significantly lower for GCT than transit agencies using diesel fuel.  “Gold Coast Transit was one of the first transit systems in California to adopt a CNG-fueled fleet, and the change from conventional diesel buses wasn’t easy. But that decision is really paying off now since diesel fuel costs have risen even higher than gasoline.”

Gold Coast Transit is a joint powers transit agency governed by a Board of Directors made up of an elected official from each member jurisdiction – Cities of Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme and Ventura and the County of Ventura. 


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