Crossword Puzzle Answers

The answers to the crossword puzzle in the last edition of the Bus Book are now posted! 

Thank you to all who participated!  We hoped you enjoyed playing as much as we enjoyed writing it.


2. Nickname for the Construction Batallion of the Navy that is based in Port Hueneme: Seabees
3. Citrus fruit commonly grown in Ventura: Lemon
8. Makes fleece jackets in Ventura: Patagonia
10. Name of GCTD's Paratransit Service: ACCESS
11. City known for deep water port: Port Hueneme
15. Small town in Ventura County where Johnny Cash once lived: Casitas Springs
16. Changing buses: Transfer
20. Convenient app and wesbite that gives real time bus arrival: NextBus
21. Person that rides the bus: Passenger
22. Book that contains all of GCTD's schedules and rider information: Bus Book
23. Rubber tired vehicle that carries lots of people: Bus
24. Largest city in Ventura County: Oxnard


1. Quiet mountain town known for its large annual tennis tournament: Ojai
2. The fruit that Oxnard is most known for: Strawberry
4. Historic Spanish building in downtown Ventura: Mission
5. What you pay to ride the bus: Fare
6. What the "D" in GCTD stands for: District
7. Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa and San Miguel islands together form the: Channel Islands
9. Provides train service to Santa Barbara: Amtrak
12. Fuel that GCTD buses are powered by: Natural Gas
13. Facility where the Customer Service Center is located (abbrev): OTC
14. Ticket that enables you to ride the bus multiple times: Pass
17. What Gold Coast Transit Disctrict used to be called (abbrev): SCAT
18. Ventura College sport team name: Pirates
19. City where the county fair is held: Ventura

Note: We are no longer accepting submissions for this crossword puzzle.

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