GCTD Unveils Newly Rebranded Vehicles

GCTD unveiled their new fixed-route and paratransit vehicles today, revealing a new modern bus design that reflects the agency’s new brand identity.

GCTD held focus groups and compiled feedback from passengers, members of the GCTD staff, Board Members and other community stakeholders to develop a logo and bus design that would resonate with a cross section of the community. The final bus design is one that reflects all of the input received and evokes the agency’s vision of a more modern, clean and efficient future. 

The existing design will be phased out to make way for the new look that features a vibrant blue representing the coast, a radiant green representing energy efficiency and the surrounding agricultural environment, and gold, representing quality service.  The new logo with the words “GO GREEN - GO GOLD COAST TRANSIT” will also be featured on the new buses.  GCTD was among the earliest transit agencies in California to transition its full fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), beginning in 1995. 

The timing of the rebranding coincides with the retirement of many buses that have reached the end of their 12-year life cycle. The first eight buses are scheduled for delivery in late July, with an additional six slated for 2016. 

The 40-foot fixed-route buses are made by Gillig, headquartered in Hayward, who have been in the business since 1890 – 125 years. Norm Reynolds, Gillig Regional Sales Manager said, “Thank you Gold Coast Transit for this partnership and thank you for supporting California jobs”. 

The paratransit vehicles used for GCTD’s GO ACCESS service are built by Mobility Ventures, LLC (MV-1) headquartered in Indiana. The new wheelchair accessible vans are smaller and can more easily reach customers who live on narrow streets. 

The logo was designed by the local graphic-design boutique, Deen Design and the bus design scheme was developed by Rubberneck Signs.  Both are Oxnard-based businesses.

“In many ways, this has been a community-driven process”, said Steven P. Brown, GCTD General Manager.   “Beginning with all of the community outreach to gather input, to working with local businesses for the new design scheme and lastly, purchasing vehicles made here in the USA.  We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to not only produce a great product for our passengers, but do our part to support the local economy as well.”

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