If you purchased a 1-trip ticket, multi-ride ticket, or day/monthly pass before August 21, 2011 and wish to exchange it for the new rate, please follow these steps before Friday, August 31, 2012.

1)    Visit the Customer Service Center at the Oxnard Transit Center (201 E. Fourth Street, Oxnard).
2)    Present your original ticket or pass.
3)    Pay the difference with either cash or check and use your new pass on your next ride.
4)    The deadline to exchange any 1-trip tickets, multi-ride tickets, or day/monthly passes for the new rate is Friday, August 31st.

Please note that our bus drivers cannot make change, so please be sure to either obtain the correct ticket or pay with exact change.

To further clarify some of your questions, see below for some Frequently Asked Questions:

When did fares increase?
The GCT Board of Directors implemented a 2-phased fare increase.  The first phase went into effect in January, 2010.  The second phase took effect on August 21, 2011. 

Was there a grace period?
Yes. When fares were increased in August, 2011, a grace period was in effect until January 1, 2012.  During that time, new fare media would be purchased at the new fare price; however, any pre-August, 2011 tickets and passes would be honored at face value until December 31, 2011.  Beginning January 1, 2012, tickets and passes purchased prior to August, 2011 were no longer be accepted on buses.

What if I have an unused multiple ride pass or single day ticket that was purchased prior to August, 2011?
You must exchange the ticket or pass and pay the difference between the old fare and the new fare by or before Friday, August 31st.  You will need to go to the GCT Customer Service Center at the Oxnard Transportation Center to make this exchange. 

What if I have a partially used multiple ride pass?  Can I use it after January 1, 2012?
No.  Any unused tickets or passes must be exchanged for the new rate by Friday, August 31, 2012.  The Customer Service Center staff will assist you in figuring out the exchange on the unused portion of the multiple ride pass.

My agency/company purchases bulk orders of various tickets and passes.  How can I trade the unused ones for tickets and passes at the new fare rates?
If you call ahead to our Customer Service Center to let us know how many passes/tickets of each denomination you need to exchange, we will have them ready for the exchange within a minimum of 3 business days.  This must be done before the August 31st deadline.

How often do fares increase?
There are many factors that are considered when GCT sets fare rates.  Because economic conditions have been volatile over the years, the GCT Board of Directors has voted to raise fares only when conditions have warranted it.   There is no predetermined time for any future fare increases.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Assistants at 805-487-4222, Monday-Friday between 7am-7pm.

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