Proposed Service Changes 2019

Proposed Service Changes for July 28, 2019 Service Changes

Twice a year, GCTD planning staff evaluates ridership data and compares it to our adopted service standards when determining the effectiveness and sustainability of every route and trip. The assessment is then presented to the community for feedback and the final schedules are published in July and January. 

In preparation for this July's service changes, GCTD proposed service adjustments that will allow us to meet the transportation needs of our customers within our projected operating budget during a community meeting held on May 22, 2019 at the dowtown Oxnard Public Library.  We appreciate everyone's feedback as it was a very productive discussion.  If you missed the meeting, please submit your comments by contacting the Planning Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Proposed Service Adjustments:
Route 7
Last weekday trip cancelled.

Route 8
Last southbound trip cancelled weekdays.  Last round trip cancelled weekend days.

Route 9
Last two round trips cancelled weekdays.

Route 15
First eastbound trip cancelled weekdays.  Last round trip cancelled weekdays.  Last two westbound trips cancelled weekends.

Route 17
Last southbound trip cancelled weekdays.  First northbound trip cancelled on weekends.

Route 18C
AM service cancelled

Route 19
Last trip cancelled weekdays.  Use 4A/4B as alternative.

Route 20
Weekend service cancelled.  Use 4A/4B as alternative.

Route 22
Reduced frequency on weekdays.  Now once every 80 minutes.

July 2019 Service Changes Poster1

July 2019 Service Changes Poster2

To download a flyer of the proposed changes, click here.

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