GCT ACCESS Same Day Cancellation And No-Show Policy

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Same Day Cancellation – A passenger calls GCT ACCESS to cancel a trip the day they are scheduled to take a trip.

No-show – A passenger knows they will not be taking a scheduled trip and does not notify GCT ACCESS and/or the bus shows up at the pick-up location but the passenger does not come out and board within the five minute dwell time.


  1. The first documented incident within a 6-month time period will result in a verbal warning or written notification of the policy.
  2. The second documented incident within a 6-month time period will result in a written warning.
  3. Three or more documented incidents within a 6-month time period will result in either a fine (maximum $5 per incident) or suspension of service (maximum 30 days).
  4. A pattern of missed trips will result in suspension of service. The length of the suspension will be based on the severity of the incidents. Suspensions are not intended to include life-sustaining activities. A pattern is defined as when 15% or more of the trips requested on demand and/or subscription basis are missed and are not cancelled the day before the trip.


Individuals may appeal a suspension decision by notifying the GCT Paratransit & Special Project Manager in writing (301 E Third Street, Oxnard, CA 93030). GCT will contact the individual within two workings days of receiving the written notification from the passenger to schedule a meeting time to hear the appeal.

GCT ACCESS service shall be provided to the individual during the time that the appeal date is being determined, to attend the appeal hearing, and until the appeal is resolved. If the person refuses to attend the appeal hearing, GCT ACCESS service shall be suspended until either an appeals hearing is completed or for 30 days, whichever is shorter.

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