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Designing transit service in Ventura County provides challenges that are unique due to the mixture of rural and urban areas and the diverse needs of our community.  GCTD encourages the public to provide us with input on how we can better serve the needs of our community. Before making changes, we analyze ridership data, on-board surveys, public and employee input and county-wide demographic data to design quality bus service.  Additionally, GCTD partners with the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC), the  Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), as well as the local jurisdictions to provide transit service to the community.



Building Transit Supportive Communities

About the Plan:  GCTD, in partnership with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), and with stakeholder input has developed a “Building Transit Supportive Communities” plan in order to identify strategies that local jurisdictions, developers, non-profits, architects and other decision makers can use to support and facilitate quality public transportation, active transportation and improved air quality in our communities.

Building Transit Supportive Communities Plan (English) 

Building Transit Supportive Communities Plan (Spanish)

Service Changes
Service adjustments typically take effect in July and January of each year. GCTD will provide notice in advance of potential changes to get feedback before implementation.

Passenger Surveys
A strong understanding of passenger needs is critical for GCTD to continue to deliver a responsible transit service that is efficient, attractive and convenient.
2019 Passenger Survey Analysis
2020 Passenger Survey Analysis 

Service Planning Guidelines
Bus Stop Guidelines

Service Planning Guidelines and Evaluation Policy

Ridership Map
2019 Ridership Map

Short Range Transit Plan
FINAL Short Range Transit Plan FY 15-19
-  Approved on November 4, 2015

Table of Contents 
Chapter 1: Purpose and Background Information 
Chapter 2: GCTD's Current Transit System 
Chapter 3: Service Area Characteristics & Demographics 
Chapter 4: FY 2013-2014 Financial Data 
Chapter 5: Capital Assets 
Chapter 6: Service Planning Process and Public Input into the SRTP 
Chapter 7: 5-Year Baseline Service Plan & Financial Forecast 
Chapter 8: 5-Year Expansion Priorities & Future Service Concepts

SRTP Powerpoint Presentation - October 14, 2015
SRTP Public Survey Results & Analysis

SRTP FY 14/15 Route Profiles

Bus Stops
Bus Stop Balancing

We encourage you to send us your questions, suggestions or bus stop issues by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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