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Effective July 28, 2019- GCTD Fixed-Route Service Schedules


The Bus Books containing schedules and maps will be available on all GCTD buses, at GCTD's Customer Service Center and at  Authorized Ticket Outlets on Monday, July 22, 2019.

Click here to browse through the pages of the current bus book. Individual PDFs for each route (including individual schedules and bus stops per route) are available for viewing or download below.  Large print bus books are available upon request. Please call Customer Service at 805-487-4222 for more information.

Individual Maps & Schedules by Route

By clicking on the route name below, you can view a PDF of the map, schedule and all bus stops for the route. If you are unable to view these files, please download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Learn how to read our schedules here.

If you need assistance planning your itinerary, please contact our Customer Service Center at 805-487-4222 our visit our home page to use the Google Trip Planning tool.  You can also read through these Frequently Asked Questions for further information.

  • Route 1
    Port Hueneme- OTC
  • Route 2
    Colonia - Downtown Oxnard
  • Route 3
    J St - Centerpoint Mall - Naval Base
  • Route 4
    North Oxnard
  • Route 5
    Hemlock - Seabridge - Wooley
  • Route 6
    Oxnard - Ventura - Main St
  • Route 7
    Oxnard College - Centerpoint Mall
  • Route 8
    OTC - Oxnard College - Centerpoint Mall
  • Route 9
    Lemonwood - Channel Islands Blvd
  • Route 10
    Pacific View Mall - Telegraph - Saticoy
  • Route 11
    Pacific View Mall - Telephone - Wells Center
  • Route 15
    Esplanade - El Rio - St. John's (At the Esplanade, Route 15 becomes Route 14)
  • Route 16
    Downtown Ojai - Pacific View Mall
  • Route 17
    Esplanade - St.John's - Oxnard College
  • Route18 - A,C,E,F
    School Boosters - School Days Only
    Route 18 Bus Stop List Here
  • Route 19 & 20 
    19 - OTC - 5th St - Gonzales Rd
    20 - Rice - Gonzales Rd - 5th
  • Route 21
    Pacific View Mall - Victoria Ave - C Street Transfer Center
  • Route 22
    Wells Center - St. John's -  Nyeland Acres

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